What else can Jeff and Meggan Haller say about themselves that they haven’t already said elsewhere on the web? You know by now that they are photographers, they are husband-and-wife-entrepreneurial-partners-in-crime-photojournalists. They are passionate about storytelling, making clients happy, and walking long distances—maybe even to see you! (Additional fees may apply.) Meggan likes to write. Jeff likes to copy edit. He hasn’t read this yet, but when he does, he’ll spot the mistakes.

Jeff’s been a photographer since the 1990s (gasp!). Meggan picked up a camera in 2000. They married, started Keyhole Photo, and moved to Mobile, Alabama in 2007. They love the freedom and creativity freelance photography allows them, but that very freedom has resulted in a spotty track record when it comes to social media self-promotion. Meggan hopes this blog will thrive, but in a world full of trails yet to be hiked, she’s not so sure.